About me: 

I am a musician, songwriter and screenwriter. I started to resume my musical career as a guitarist in 2017 studying the "Rock House Method" programs and preparing as a musician.  I have also been a huge fan of "rock and metal" since I was a child.  

My musical influences are:  
1. Jake Pitts  
2. Michael Padge  
3. Michael Angelo Batio  
4. Alexi Laiho  (R.I.P)
5. Matt Heafy  

My favorite bands are:  
1. Children of bodom  
2. Bullet for my valentine  
3. Trivium  
4. Kalmah  
5. Amon amarth  
6. Black veil brides  
7. Papa roach  
8. Breaking Benjamin  
Among other......  

I interact with different genres of rock and metal.  You can also find in my songs a mixture of genres such as pop voices and small touches of edm production etc ...   For me, music is a very creative process, which is why it led me to mix my 2 dedications, my musical career and scriptwriting.  As a feature film screenwriter, I have created an action fiction / fantasy story which I will be premiering in my music albums.  My intention is to carry out a story that is being narrated and followed through my albums and tell the story while you can also enjoy the songs of the story, since the songs are dedicated to the story and are part of it. Something very similar to an audio book but in a music album.  

My stage name "Bramses Xalyxys" comes from one of the evil characters in my story, that's where I got the name Bramses Xalyxys as an artist name.  
The first concept art of the character in my story was drawn by one of the pioneering video game companies "Kevuru Games" which we were in collaboration and working together on the art and the idea of character development.