The mysterious warrior - is a very important character in a story that I have created. Since I am a screenwriter and a musician, I wanted to mix my 2 great works, Music and screenwriting.  The prologue to the story will be premiering on my first studio album. In my first album, you will be able to understand the story better and become familiar, with the purpose of following this story in all my music albums or in a separate audio from the album. Also all my albums will have songs included.  * All songs are part of this story and are dedicated to the characters, to the story and there will also be songs that will tell important things about the story (which would be in Voice-Over) *. Yes, pending and very attentive.  The acronym for the name of the story is, TAOTBDW, and the acronym for the first album is, TCOVW.  * The name of the album and the story will be broken down when the first album is released. This is where they will know the full names and titles. * 
My purpose is to offer you a mini series that will be narrated inside my music albums, which you can entertain with your friends and create a fun environment full of adventures to discover and tell. I welcome everyone.  The protagonist of the story will be known in the 1 album, which will include an image of the character for their collection, and they will also be able to know and see who are those who are inside the story (Protagonists, Antagonists, Evil Bosses and the Villains of the serie).  In my music albums, a character from the story will be included for each album. You can download all these characters exclusively on my website along with my music albums that will have the character integrated, and so on. Also the story will be premiering and following for each album (First part / season 1 second album, season 2 third album etc ... well, you get the idea.  Which will include the albums: Songs & Story + Character Picture + Lyric Content PDF and Artwork Cover Picture.  But before that, I recommend that you buy the EP First if you want to know what is coming up. 

About the character: 

⚔️Mysterious Warrior - is a warrior who was able to create a planet called_______. The species and 
warriors of _______, want to know who created _______ and who is the mysterious warrior. No one knows 
his whereabouts or identity, it is not known where he is. The living beings in _______ call him the 
mysterious warrior. But that warrior has a name, and his name is ...........



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Bramses Xalyxys

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