Story Synopsis


The story is about an army of gragon wolves who seek a leader to be dominated on their planet called Vortuxs🔸  Those dragon wolves want to meet, defend and protect their true creator, The Mysterious Warrior🔸  The first leader of Vortuxs called Jaet, has half of that army of dragon wolves called Jagred🔸   Jaet's desire is to meet the other half of that dragon wolves army in order to unite them with his army called Jagred and create "T.A.O.T.B.D.W"🔸   Jaet's mission is to find Oxevilion, an evil warrior full of envy towards Jaet, who wishes and dreams of taking away all the power and leadership that he possesses and leading and dominating the Vortuxs world🔸  Jaet wishes to expel him from the planet Vortuxs so that he does not continue to harm the living beings of Vortuxs and cannot seize their leadership, since if he manages to do so, it would be the end of all Vortuxs🔸  It is said that Oxevilion has a brother and took everything away he had from him. In the past, Oxevilion turned his brother into a ruthless and vengeful being, full of evil and betrayal🔸  The main objective of the leader of Vortuxs is to defend his planet and firmly maintain the legacy of his ancestors and "T.A.O.T.B.D.W"🔸  On the planet Vortuxs they fight to know who is the creator of the Vortuxs world, and that is where the new life will be born, Madaxanum Island.